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Tenney Tree No.2

Tenney Tree No.2

If trees could talk, this one would have quite the heartbreaking story to tell. It was all that remained of Romaine Tenney's farm after the state of Vermont plowed through it to put in a highway. You can read about Mr. Tenney's heartbreaking story in Yankee Magazine. When I heard the state was threatening to cut the tree down in 2019, I knew I had to visit it & try to capture its soul. You could feel the sadness seeping from the ground & a distinct uneasiness still lingering in the air all these years after the tragedy. Sadly, despite efforts to save the tree, it was felled in March of 2021. I am glad I made an effort to capture this beauty before it was gone. There is wisdom in old trees if we choose to listen. This photo was taken with a Daguerreotype Achromat art lens, which has old fashioned contrast and bokeh/soft blur around the edges.
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