I am a fine art photographer and Arcangel Images contributor living in the Adirondacks.  I have spent my life in the country and am continuously inspired by the natural, rural, and historical surroundings of the Northeast.  I like to capture the small details that might otherwise go unnoticed.  Textures, the edge of a leaf, or the delicate structure of a petal all remind us of life's fleeting moments.  In my landscapes, I like to evoke a sense of etherealness with a touch of nostalgia. 

My work is greatly influenced by the turn of the century photographer, Wallace Nutting. His passion for the preservation of historical places and scenic landscapes was evident in his body of work.  It's hard for one to look at his photographs and not feel a sense of loss over our dramatically changing landscapes.  I feel like photography is a form of preservation. A documentation of a blip in time so that future generations can experience the beauty of the past.  

With my food photography, I hope to connect people with the fresh ingredients used and inspire them to shop local and create an amazing dish in their own home.   

My award winning photography has been featured in various juried shows around the northeast.  My food photography is featured regularly in LOCALadk magazine.   

When I'm not behind the camera, you can find me sewing up dresses from historical patterns, gardening, or on the hunt for treasures at antique marketplaces & flea markets!

Thank you for stopping by today!