I am a proud Lensbaby ambassador!  Lensbaby lenses allow me to explore the ethereal side of reality. Three words that I like to use to describe my photography are rustic, nostalgic, & pictorialism.  Through their many creative lenses, I can create dreamy and nostalgic scenes of the world around me. Their product is unique & really creates a vibe like that of lenses from the turn of the century. I like to get the word out, because I know there are other photographers looking to create the pictorial aesthetic, which their lenses do so beautifully!  If you're looking to change up your photography & "see in a new way" (as their slogan says), I think you will be thrilled to give one of their lenses a try!  Use code "WChevalier" at checkout to get 10% off of your purchase! (Some restrictions apply.)

Check out my gallery of photos taken with various Lensbabies here: Lensbaby Gallery 

To see all that Lensbaby has to offer, check out their website here: Lensbaby


Lensbaby AmbassadorLensbaby AmbassadorI'm a Lensbaby ambassador! Check out all Lensbaby has to offer here: Lensbaby